Saturday, 29 June 2013

Swallowtail Butterfly 26th June 2013 Norfolk

Swallowtail Butterfly 26th June 2013 Strumpshaw Fen, Hickling Broad, How Hill Norfolk

We had seen the Swallowtail about four years ago but had rubbish pictures as we had really gone too early and they had only just started to fly. The bad spring this year means that these are probably late sightings for a more typical year.

This time we saw lots at all three sites; they are strong flyers and cover a large area so they are still tricky to photograph.

However we got some excellent pictures of them feeding on all the nectar-rich flowers in the garden at the entrance to Strumpshaw Fen -  a wonderful opportunity to really see this spectacular butterfly. They were feeding on the flower border but their habitat is the fen at Strumpshaw with its abundant milk parsley, for the caterpillars.

We were pleased to get some pictures on the board-walk at Hickling Broad  and some pictures of the natural habitat.

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